Friday, August 6, 2010

Opening Reception Wednesday August 11, 2010

Exhibit Dates 8/11 thru 9/5 2010

Opening Reception to feature an electro acoustic musical performance by world famous oboist Matt Sullivan, and parallel light photography painting by Scott Alger to the videos of Earthwork Artist Ken Cro-Ken

Vibration creates sound which, as energy, travels through air or water reflecting and creating. Light is a vibration of magnetic and electric fields of pure energy. KhromaTone II's artists each involve the viewer as they explore the mystery of individual as all powerful co creator when in synch with the primal creative force at the core of existence.

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  1. Ken Cro-Ken is an earthwork artist who develops each painting in seasonal environments of high heat and extreme cold at various levels of humidity and altitude to experience the power of natural elements in response to his works. He defines these “active paints” as Speed Elements. He sets a painting in motion to recreate the push-pull forces that shape all properties and responds to the distinctive environmental contribution as further inspiration toward the completion of each canvas. The exposure of the canvas deepens his relationship with Nature and reveals its every influence.  

    Paula Alkaitis, Cymatics inspired artist, gives form to the geometry of music through a dazzling assortment of 27 intricate contemporary mandalas Influenced by musical notes, sound, mantras and the mystery of nature. Paula captures invisible shapes created by the interaction of living sound vibrations. As each soundscape morphs into various representational forms, the notes vibrate at different frequencies and a plethora of colors radiate from each piece in the shimmering silent language of the fifth dimension.

    Brian Petro’s art references the indestructible nature of energy through his imaginative use of hand crushed coal, molten beeswax, lineoleum and found objects . He transforms these materials to create compositions that vibrate on dynamic new frequencies. Past commissions include Absolut Vodka, Ritz Carlton Hotels, Saks Fifth Avenue and The Library of Congress. Brian has been published in regional and national news magazines and newspapers, and his work has been featured on several television shows, including HGTV's Curb Appeal.

    Scott Alger Rooted in the aesthetics of Abstract Expressionism while embracing the fantastic principles of Magical Realism, Alger’s interactive photographs spontaneously depict material subjects moving through translucent light-energy to present an alternate reality. Using the speed of light as his brushes, he infuses mundane subjects with emotional intensity using a process that is in and of itself performance art. His work has been featured in Ray Ban's Project Colorize 2008-2009 Campaign, with images featured in Marie-Claire, Paper and Juxtapoz. He was named a Surface Magazine Avant Guardian in 2007.