Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Pictures from KhromaTone Opening last Wednesday, Exhibit Up at the WMF,15 East 27th St. New York, NY through 9/5/10

From Left to Right Artist Karmen Vega, Lou Columna, Joseph Henrikson, Flor Estevez, Librada Urene, Anahita Mekanik
From Right to Left, Tomasita De Las Casas, Rosario de Taunay, Bartus, under Arturo Carrion painting 
Left to Right, Shooka Shemirani, photographer, Steve Olivieri, Andrew Lockhart, Hayley McCulloch, artist,Belen Moreno, Andres Serrano, artist, Ricardo B. Sanchez, artist
Marina Starykh with Artist Astolfo Funes, friend

Above,Bartus, Uncallused,  Hand Colored Serigraph, Ltd Ed. 1/20,  2009

To the left, Karmen Vega's  Boka + Nubes, and Mora, limited edition chromogenic  prints. 

Below, on the right wall, paintings Winter, and Autumn, from  Jean Claude Brasset's  Four Seasons series, 2009.  Directly  below that, Jean Claude Brasset's  Spring, Summer, Winter, and Fall  paintings from  the Four Seasons series

Far right, four works on paper by Hayley McCulloch from her Handbook for the Disenchanted series, 2010

pictured on the right, artist, Hayley McCulloch, on the left, photographer Farnaz Shemirani

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