Tuesday, June 29, 2010

KhromaTone: The Exhibition


  Opening Party: July 7th, 2010 from 5:30 pm - 8 pm
              @ the World Monuments Fund Gallery 15 East 27th Street
New York, NY 10016

featuring a Liquid Light Show performance installation
by British Artist Hayley McCulloch at 6 pm

Countries, Cultures, Voices...

A Group Show of global expression in the Visual Arts. Works curated by Bartolome Sanchez and belendesign, Inc. feature 12 artists from the Americas, Europe, and Iran - showcasing exuberant art that combines classical and pop elements with  kinetic and expressionist color forms,

United in Joy and Vitality

jean claude brasset arturo carrion bartus hayley mcculloch ricardo b. sanchez zulema pena shooka shemirani  beth o halloran astolfo funes michael moreno karmen vega rafael rosas anahita mekanik


  1. KhromaTone @ the World Monumen Fund Gallery Hours: Wednesday –Saturday 12‐6 pm and Sunday 1‐6 pm
    Gallery Contact: Belen Moreno: 917.539.0570
    Press Contact : Andrew Lockhart: 646.331.8440
    belen@belendesign.net www.belendesign.net andrew@projektnyc.com www.projektnyc.com

    KhromaTone: The Exhibit: July 7th –July 31st, 2010
    Opening Reception Wednesday July 7th, 2010 from 5:30-8 pm

    Bartolome Sanchez, a corporate green energy consultant and former diplomat,and Belen Moreno, principalof belendesign, Inc. join to exhibit the works of thirteen artists for the first in a series of pop‐up shows in New York City. The series
    will offer provocative visual viewpoints outside of the established gallerist framework. The inaugural show is titled KhromaTone. This name refers to the variety of style and expression amongst the selected artists’ work. A portion on the proceed of all sales will benefit the not‐for‐profit Common Ground, an international leader in the development of solutions to homelessness.
    “ The messages these artists convey resonate deeply enough with our perspective for us to take them to the internet, and streets independently of the commercial status quo’s criteria. The common
    denominator: these artists’ works are all intellectually engaging, adventurous, and joyfully international.”

  2. The Artists:
    Jean Claude Brasset: renowned French Contemporary painter, based in Wisconsin, his splendid still‐lives hint at studies of the spatial distribution
    of electrons, each a transformative meditation in and of itself . He has shown in Skot Foreman, Patou, Artis Galleries in New York and Florida, and
    DZD Gallery of Holland.

    Arturo Carrion‐ foremost Venezuelan contemporary artist – Spain based –– displays exciting kinetic constructivist works from his Quadrivium
    series, in which he masterfully balances a flamboyant geometric/graphic arts aesthetic with chromatic acrobatics. Masterful, harmonious
    distribution of color, composition, and form.
    Anahita Mekanik–intrigues with poetic, mixed‐media assemblages composed of mundane objects that question memory and self identity.

    Ricardo B. Sanchez‐ an accomplished Venezuelan‐American photographer, resides in Spain. He uses digital technology as canvas, camera and
    objects as brushes, and light as paint, to lend form to unique images. Of note is his oversized depiction of a Jordanian Petra sandstone formation,
    measuring 44” high by 137” long.

    Bartus – complex in his interpretation of interwoven cross cultural identities – witty and debonair‐ each of his works are mini‐ parties with a twist,
    glamorous analyses of the sinister miasma of life in the developing nations he has experienced firsthand.

    Michael Elias Moreno‐ an incurable purist – and relentless perfectionist, he is a classic photographer fanatically devoted to meticulous explorations of light, and manipulation of volume . His editorial work for publications Noise, Revolution, Femina, Ocean Drive, and distinctive portraits are known and admired.

    Karmen Vega a digital schizoid surrealist artist – is a militant feminist in perpetual mourning. Russian and Spanish, she is based in Miami, and will
    be showing later this year in Abu Dhabi.

    Fernando Bonilla‐ emerging Venezuelan painter, paints fractured subjects with a cartoonlike quality – street credibility – transmits old school
    rhythm and minimalist elegance through his works.

    Hayley McCulloch: explosively creative in the myriad facets of her expression, is prolific in drawing, painting, performance,sculpture and animation. Recipient of a 2010 Chashama NYC Studio Award Grant, her installation "Dirty Work and the Golden Handshake", was featured at several UN locations through UN ACO and released as an art and awareness feature on the International UNIFEM website earlier in 2010

    Beth O Halloran – based in Ireland ‐– Beth O’Halloran’s work touches on the almost untouchable. She possesses an acute sensibility; an ability to
    make work on the edges of tedium, to find in the tiny particles of matter, an inner depth, an infinite space.

    Rafael Rosas‐ emerging Venezuelan artist, flaunts an enviable relationship with his inner 7 year old…a playfully aggressive – therapeutic neo-impressionist.

    Astolfo Funes – emerging Venezuelan Artist, with a singularly rambunctious aesthetic…his women are unmistakeably twisted – but serve their

    Shooka Shemirani – Mexican‐based Iranian photographer, sees Life as Journey –capturing images en route that immortalize the magnificence of
    ordinary moments.

    The Charity:
    Founded by MacArthur and Ashoka Fellow Rosanne Haggerty in 1990, Common Ground is a pioneer in the development of supportive housing and other research‐based practices that end homelessness. Common Ground’s network of well designed, affordable apartments— linked to the services people need to maintain their housing, restore their health, and regain their economic independence — has
    enabled more than 4,000 individuals to overcome homelessness.

  3. Artist Anahita Mekanik–intrigues with poetic, mixed‐media assemblages composed of mundane objects that question memory and self identity.

    These works are on loan to the exhibit

  4. There will be a Press Preview/Brunch on July 7th, 11 am , the morning of the opening as well as an Artist Talk while the exhibition is up.

    For more information on either of these events, please contact Andrew Lockhart directly at info@projektnyc.com
    646 331 8440

  5. Hear some of the artists talk about their work in this interview conducted recently by Luke Green of WNYU:


  6. in PaperMag VIP Weekly Newsletter last week:


    The explosion on BP's Deepwater Horizon was neither plastic nor, sadly, inevitable. Leave it to artist Hayley McCulloch to supply those elements in a quasi-Warholian happening involving kaleidoscopic lights tinted with petroleum and images of fish."

    World Monument Gallery, 15 East 27th Street, 6-7 p.m.