Tuesday, September 28, 2010

PhotoPoetry: Ricardo B. Sanchez and Zulema Pena

Zulema Pena (writer) and Ricardo B. Sanchez (photographer) have created a body of work that brings toguether the written word with an image. Zulema is fascinated by the hidden power of the word as well as the power of the of the hidden word.

Her work originates with a phrase that she recreates into another phrase using exactly the same letters found in the original, not one more, not one less, and she maintains a link between one phrase and the other.

The two collaborate works in this show are "Esta crisis..." and "Hacia donde va..." when translated into english they will not maintain the same play on the letters, but it will illustrate how one phrase is linked to the other.

The translations are not literally exact, but they do reflect the meanings contained in each phrase.

"Esta crisis..." translates into "This crisis is the great opportunity for a change" and the recreated phrase is: "Se podria..." "it could be, if such abundance would be shared".

"Hacia donde..." translates to: "Where is the human being going". In this case there are two recreated phrases: "La vida..." "Life made of love unites us" and the shadow side, "Alma vacia..." "A soul empty of honor sinks"

Ricardo B. Sanchez with poet Zulema Pena, " Esta Crisis"

Ricardo B. Sanchez with poet Zulema Pena "Hacia Donde"

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